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The Avocado Show Review

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Avocado Show!!!

Okay, it's not actually a show. Imagine a place where you can eat avocado dishes, drink avocado cocktails, and see all things avocado everywhere you look. Well, after reading this, you will no longer have to imagine it because it's real!

First up, I have to talk about the fact that I have now experienced an Avocado cocktail. I really didn't know what to expect. Presentation was simple, classy, and avocado-like indeed. I found this to be an incredible statement recipe. However, I think £11 is a little on the pricey side but could be worth it with a few tweaks, as I wasn't getting the full WOW factor. For instance what if the cocktail was served in an avocado-shaped glass? I feel like that would have added a more creative touch. Also, the taste was nice, but I would have liked it to be a little bit more on the sweeter side. I feel that the alcohol was quite strong, and the syrup was hidden behind the strength of the alcohol, but maybe with a little bit more balance between the two, it could taste insanely good. Still, this is another amazing avocado invention I can tick off my list, haha, and such a very unique cocktail experience. I think the recipe could do with some improvement but definitely has potential, so I would give it a 7/10.

This was one I was very excited to try; Avocado fries, Easily I can say my expectations were definitely met! They tasted so good and had a subtle little kick to them that made my taste buds tingle. I also thought the sauce went well with it, and I loved the presentation; the little chips basket it came in was so cute, so I would give this dish a 10/10.

Finally, I did have a safe dish, which was the Nachos because I do enjoy nachos. The Avocado Show Nachos' presentation was fantastic; the little flower addition added was very cute, and I was super impressed with the sour cream. The only way I could explain it is as if it had been piped on, very clever and fancy. I do have one question though… WHERE WERE THE CHEESE LAYERS? I have still yet to discover any nacho dish that is generous with the cheese and does a cheese layer, rather than it just being on top; it should be in the middle and the top; I guarantee this will make more happy customers. However, it still tasted good, but I just need more cheese layers, please. Overall, I would give this dish a 9/10.

As for the staff, they were all lovely, quick service, and I loved everything about the layout; everything looked avolicious from food to drink to restaurant design. I also enjoy noticing little details that I haven't seen in other places, and one thing that stood out for me was the "Ask for the bill" button on the app when ordering. I thought this was very clever and practical. Doing this meant I didn't find myself waiting ages for someone to come over so I could ask, and I think this is definitely a great way to keep customers happy.

This has to be one of the weirdest and wackiest food reviews I've done yet. I mean, it's an avocado restaurant. Yes, I know what you're thinking; you don't see many of them, right? I know, and I do enjoy avocados, so a place filled with dishes based on avocados, you best believe I needed to try this place out, and as you can tell, it was a fun and positive experience.

Are you ready to experience The Avocado Show?



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