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Film & TV

Lights! Camera! Action! Let's be real, we all have that part of us where we wish we were someone cooler, smarter, funnier, someone with a more thrilling life. The fantasy of the boy who gets the girl, the one kid who discovers unexpected treasure, to be a princess, a knight maybe, some even dream of being an alien. Everyone enjoys a story whether it’s a horror, a romance, an action thriller… whatever movies and tv shows you're into. What they do is help us escape reality, you can't help but indulge the visual aspect of the world's imagination, the things that you question, things you wish were real, the characters, scenery and more… it brings out something in all of us. 

I've always been a movie and tv show fan, the emotions it brings, the stories I get pulled into and the one question that I always ask is: how do they do it? How do they keep bringing out more new and inspiring, creative, unique stories, the movie world is something we all are a part of in one way or another.

I love a comedy, I think laughter is the best medicine and I’m also a huge Marvel fan. I love action and adventure and yes, I am a bit of a hopeless romantic so romcom all the way!

So what's your go-to genre?

Film & TV
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